Many people are trying to purchase more products that are manufactured in USA, which is very challenging these days, Is the product made in the U.S.A.?
Response-Currently we are proud to say that our products are designed and manufactured by hard working people of Illinois, for hard working grillers everywhere.

Tool construction says Heavy Duty, and your product appears to weigh more than other offerings, are they too heavy for some people to operate?
Response-No. Weight of the Tong tool is 13 ounces, and the Spatula/Tong Combo Grill Tool is 15.5 ounces, yes much heavier than most other offerings because we use thicker stainless material. Both tools are designed for effective use by all grillers. You will appreciate the feel of the weight, and should not have any issues using our products.

What is the difference between your Tools and the ones that can be purchased for less money?
Response-Use the tools and the quality will be obvious, just like closing the door of a luxury automobile and listening the sound of the seal. With our tools, you can tell just tell from the feel in your hand. Our tools are very unique and designed for the professional grillers. You take pride in your grill, you purchase quality food to cook, and you also need the best tools available to help you cook like a Pro. All of our product offerings will help accomplish that. 

Your product details show the tools are designed to lift food up to 2 lbs. They feel like they can handle more than 2 lbs.Can they lift up large roasts, and whole chickens, which weigh more than 2 lbs.?
Response-Yes, correct that the tools are designed for weights up to 2 lbs. However, our tests have shown very positive results at lifting food of heavier weight, but we suggest you use them per our recommendation.

Can I wash your tools in our dishwasher? Will they rust?
Response- Our products are made from stainless steel and will not rust, but for best care, we suggest hand washing them in warm water with mild soap.

How can you help pass the word on social media? What is the best way?
Response- We would love for you to help us get the word out on our products. Please share your impressions, or videos for others to read, and watch. We subscribe to Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn and also have a rating scale on our product description tab.

If I want to purchase a second tool for family or friend, do you run specials on your normal pricing?
Response-Yes, please check our website for current on line coupons.

How does the life time warranty work?
Response- Just contact us for shipping address and return the failed product to us along with your sales receipt, and at our option, we will either replace the product free of charge, or refund your purchase price. The lifetime warranty is valid for the original purchaser under normal suggested use.