Grill Cleaning

 The first rule in outdoor cooking is starting with a clean grill surface.  No matter how you decide to clean yours, you need to make sure it is clean and safe. 

There are several ways you can clean your grill. The old school method is using steel wire brushes. However, there is a serious health and safety risk with using these. Pieces of worn-out wire can break off and stay on the grill and possibly attach to your food. When swallowed, the wire can do some internal damage. Ouch! 

Wooden paddles are also an option and can be a safer alternative to wire brushes.  

A new approach is steam and pumice scrubbing.  Early returns are inconclusive about their effectiveness, so I’m not sure about recommending these options. 

Here is our suggestion:

-While the grill is still hot, scrap it clean of burnt food and sauce. Wet 3-4 folded paper towels and steam clean your hot grill-grate by scrapping them back and forth across grill with your Bor-B-Q® tongs.  The length of the tongs will protect your hand from the steam heat, and with the strength of the thick stainless-steel arms, you can apply good pressure on the grill.  You’ll be amazed at result, and you’ll be ready for your next grilling challenge with a clean safe grill. 

Clean away!!!!!